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We are closely working with world best water treatment chemical manufactures so we are able to supply cost-effective, reliable solutions for your water treatment needs. Our products are reverse osmosis chemicals, boiler treatment chemicals, cooling water treatment chemicals, chill water treatment chemicals, waste water treatment chemicals, drinking water treatment chemicals.

Boiler Water Treatment

Our objective is to maintain clean heat transfer surfaces by applying highly effective and efficient specialty chemicals thereby maintaining the system’s integrity, run ability, extended service life of the boilers, minimize system failures and loss of production.

  • Catalyzed oxygen scavengers.
  • Corrosion inhibitors.
  • Scale inhibitors.
  • Sludge conditioners.
  • Condensate treatment chemicals.
  • Chemical descalers.
  • Boiler boil-out/passivation chemicals.

Cooling Water Treatment

Our objective is to control Scale and deposit to maintain efficient heat transfer surfaces, control Corrosion to extend equipment life and avoid failures, Conservation of water through higher cycles of concentration, Control Biological growth, Decrease system downtime due to water related problems, Productivity, reduce energy losses and minimize total cost of operations related to water.

  • Scale and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Dispersants.
  • Biocides.
  • Biodispersants
  • Cleaning and passivation chemicals.
  • Disinfectants.

RO Treatment Chemicals

RO Antiscalants and Antifoulants are developed with environmentally safe ingredients to maximize the performance of RO systems. RO Antiscalants / Antifoulants are certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water systems and domestic applications. Our objective is to minimize fouling rates, maintain actual membrane performance and increase the operating life of RO membrane. RO Antiscalants / Antifoulants are properly selected using feedwater quality, system recovery and membrane selection using RO-Dose Software to run active projections for selecting the most suitable Antiscalant or Antifoulant. Product are

  • RO Antiscalents.
  • CIP Chemicals.

Other Treatment Chemicals

  • Cation Polymers.
  • Anion Polymers.
  • PAC.
  • pH adjustment chemicals.
  • Odder removal chemicals.
  • Oil dispersants.
  • Surfactants.
  • Scale removal chemicals.